12 Week Transformation

Mark is a busy and successful entrepreneur. When Mark began working with us he was already training several times a week elsewhere. He was frustrated with the results he was achieving and didn’t know what to change in order to start seeing the results he desired. He worked with us for 12 weeks but by his own admission for the first 6 weeks although he was smashing his 2 x PT sessions per week he was not following his nutrition plan.

Mark made the same mistake that many of our clients do. He was so keen to get into shape he ramped up his training and reduced his calorie intake...a common misconception amongst 'dieters'. His "I'm not losing weight quick enough, I need to eat less" mentality led his body into starvation mode where it burnt muscle for energy and stored fat.

Once Mark thoroughly understood that you can not out train a bad diet and focused on eating the right foods in the right quantities the weight and inches dropped!!


The programme’s we offer for clients are personalised and bespoke to suit their individual goals. We are all made up of over 100 trillion cells and what might be beneficial to one client, won’t necessarily work for another. Through an in-depth initial consultation, we discuss several factors including: nutrition and fitness goals, medical history and medications and hormone imbalances.

Often when people strive to be a certain shape, size and or weight they confuse the words ‘health’ and ‘fitness’ to mean the same thing… and it certainly isn’t.

The advice we offer our clients is always in line with our holistic approach in order to bring about long term, sustainable results. We do not advocate quick and often unhealthy ’fixes’ that are so frequently promoted. Although these methods may bring about that summer beach body, they also encourage a yo-yo diet mentality as opposed to a change in lifestyle for optimal health and wellbeing.

We mentor, guide, support and encourage our clients to make sustainable changes by implementing healthy habits and daily disciplines for life. Empowering our clients with knowledge and understanding is our absolute passion and what generates the best on-going results.

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