3 Rules For Finding The Best Personal Trainer For You

Are you training really hard and fed up that you aren’t seeing your body fat percentage reduce or little muscle gain.

Maybe you saw initial changes to begin with but feel you have hit a plateau?

Your diet is pretty good on the whole, but you don’t know what to do in order to achieve the results you want?


I help my clients get in the best shape of their lives despite their crazy schedules.


Have you employed a personal trainer in the past to help you reach the next level?


Working with a Personal Trainer can be a tremendous investment or a waste of money. To ensure you spend your money wisely, there are some important factors to consider before working with a PT.


Firstly, make sure they are qualified. This may seem an obvious statement, but many are Fitness Instructors at best. If you are paying for a Personal Trainer ensure they have the correct credentials to train you.


If you train in a gym, see how they operate working with their current clients. This is key as you will be able to see first hand how they conduct themselves without them realising that a potential client is watching them. If they aren’t aware of your name, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation about fitness, training, nutrition to see if their philosophy matches yours.

Potentially you could be spending several hours a week with each other and it is paramount that you feel comfortable with the trainer.


If you feel that their approach is what you are looking for, ask to see if they have any before and after images of clients and or testimonials that they can share with you that fit your remit.


Do they specialise in a certain area of training? If you are trying to beat a personal best for your 10k then it would be most suitable to choose a trainer that specialises in running as opposed to choosing a strength and conditioning coach. They will have a greater level of expertise in your desired goal and they are more likely to be more passionate as it is a subject that they can relate to.


You should choose a personal trainer who genuinely cares about your results not just another client to train. I take great satisfaction in meticulously planning each clients session according to their goals.


If fat loss and changing your body composition is a major priority in your life right now and you want a PT and Health Coach to guide, motivate and support you (without shouting like a sergeant major…. sorry not my style ) then email me below to set up a free 15 minute discovery call to ascertain how I can help you reach your long term goals.


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Here’s a few testimonials from clients we have worked with:


Toni - The absolute best nutrition advise! ... followed up with knowledge , facts , advice, recipes and a plan!!


Andy - I've had a few personal trainers over the years, but James is without doubt the best in the business. Combined with a combination of nutrition and healthy eating it really changed my mindset and lifestyle. I can't recommend Mind and Body Detox enough.


Paula - I have been seeing James as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist since March and the results have been amazing both in fat loss and muscle definition. The gym sessions vary every week, which keeps me totally focused as I tend to get bored quickly. I also love James positive approach to both diet and training. He totally understands that we all have a vice. If you are looking to get toned up in a short space of time I would highly recommend that you contact James as he is excellent value for money especially when you see the end result.


Frankie - These two guys are amazing! Great people , great minds , great outlook on life , they make everything possible with their knowledge and their positive attitude on life itself , when you contact James or Jaclyn they will open your eyes to a new way in thinking about your lifestyle filled with a new fresh positive outlook on your everyday life. #forapositivejourney #positiveattitude #friendlypeople #greatlife #yourlifewillchangeforthebetter