4 Week Transformation

I am absolutely delighted for this clients results.

This is what is possible in only 4 weeks. This client was already training at home with weights but reached out to me to guide him to ignite his physique in time for his holiday.

This fantastic progress was with only 5 sessions with me and adapting his nutrition. He still went out with the 'boys' a few nights and had a few 'relaxed' days on his nutrition. So not the deprivation that many people believe you need in order to achieve incredible results like these.

Another reason to ignore the weight on the scales as he is .5kg heavier in the learner image.

Body fat 6% down

Muscle percentage 2.2% up

6 inches gone

He is clearly more aesthetically leaner and more confident within his new physique.

He has dramatically increased the definition on his shoulders, chest, legs and the main area he wanted to transform was the body fat around the stomach area and as you can see the love handles have evaporated.

If you are ready to commit and want to achieve results like these, send an email to [email protected] or message me on Facebook and I can guide and mentor you.