5 Ways To Stay In Shape Whilst On Holiday

We love relaxing on holiday as a family. It is so important to spend some much needed, quality time together.

It is easy to gain a few extra pounds while sipping cocktails on your lounger so

here are five simple, yet effective activities to remain in shape, whilst on holiday.


  1. I am not a particular strong swimmer, however,  I leisurely swam 1k in our pool. This was 66 lengths in approximately 30 minutes and I was pleasantly surprised to have burnt 550 calories. The key benefits are:


  • keeps your heart rate elevated and significantly reduces stress on your body.
  • builds endurance, muscle strength, fantastic overall body workout and cardiovascular fitness.
  • It stretches the body constantly and can also be very calming and meditative.


  1. Whilst visiting another country, instead of driving everywhere or taking a taxi, walk and explore what the country has to offer. This is a fabulous way to see some amazing views, whilst burning calories at the same time. Read our blog on easy ways to burn more fat. Click the link below.

An evening stroll after an evening meal is fantastic to aid digestion and helps to reduce blood sugar levels too.


  1. If you are feeling particularly enthusiastic why not try one of our numerous HIIT sessions that we post regularly on our website, facebook and Instagram.

Read many of the benefits and ‘how to guides’ on the link below.


  1. It is not unusual to find some steep hills abroad. Spend as little as 10 minutes sprinting up a steep gradient for only 20 seconds and slowly walking back down. This will burn significantly more calories than a steady state 10 minute run. The amount of endorphins released post workout will leave you buzzing. A great exercise to burn fat, increase your metabolism as well as boosting your human growth hormone.


  1. Finally, travel with equipment that is light and easy to pack in any suitcase. Two prime options are a skipping rope and TRX.

For more of a cardio workout, you can simply spend 40 seconds of work on the rope with 20 seconds rest and repeat for 10/15, 20 minutes or beyond.


If you wish to maintain some more strength work, use a TRX for your bodyweight exercises such as squats, press ups, elevated planks, rows etc.

Again, set a timer, work for a period of time, with little rest and repeat as much as you wish.

I hope this blog has given you some inspiration if you are looking to maintain staying in shape whilst on holiday. I would love to hear what strategies you use to stay in shape.