Are You Feeding Your Kids Junk?

Are You Feeding Your Kids Junk?

Do you supply packed lunches for your children on a daily basis? Do you tell them what is going into their lunch box or do your children dictate to you what they want?

How about at breakfast and dinner time?

As working parents we know meal times can be a real challenge if you aren’t organised. It is tempting to give your children anything they want or whatever is quickest to ‘throw in the oven’ or even worse the microwave.

We are all busy, but food is fuel and choices are vital. Quite simply, each meal you are either feeding illness or wellness.

Making the time to feed yourself and your children nutritious, dense whole food is a task that deserves prioritising. Making the time to eat healthy is far easier than having to make time to be ill, which is far less likely if you are consuming a good variety of whole foods.

In a survey of English primary schools only 1.6% of lunchboxes met canteen nutritional standards and in our opinion canteen nutritional guidelines aren’t particularly high.

Another horrifying statistic: 1 in 3 UK children leave primary school overweight or obese. Unfortunately we are witnessing this more and more each week with the parents either speaking to us or bringing their children to our clinic for guidance and support. Furthermore, we are seeing an increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and much more.

With just a few simple swaps (that kids actually like!!) you can start to make some positive changes to the diet of your children.

If you would like our swap sheet please like and share our post and e-mail [email protected] for a free copy of our sheet.

We, as both parents and wellbeing professionals, are immensely passionate about educating children and their care network. We are determined to make a radical shift in the latest, worrying statistics. 

As parents of a 9 and 6 year old we deem it imperative to give children an understanding of nutrition. It is our opinion, one of the greatest gifts that you can give your child. 

From an understanding about nutrition, both eating at home and making better nutritional choices at the school, children would have a greater concentration span within the class and therefore better results for themselves and the school. The children are less likely to be ill as they would be absorbing more nutrients and this will aid working parents that wouldn’t have to be absent from work when their child was ill. 

These are just two reasons why we deem it to be beneficial to the pupils, parents and the school. 

We have many exciting projects on this subject coming up early next year. If you would like to be one of the first schools to implement this and would like us to come into your children’s school to discuss this in more depth, please e-mail [email protected] for further information.