Cadbury's Hate Us

Sugar Overload!!!!!!


Jaclyn and I share some critical information in both of the videos below regarding the ridiculous amount of sugar that manufacturers place in Easter Eggs. Whether you like it or not we are killing our children with our 'kindness' and only increasing their chances of obesity, diabetes, cancer and many other chronic illnesses. 

Some key facts to be aware of:

 1 teaspoon of sugar = 4g. 

A childs daily recommended allowance is 4-6 teaspoons, depending on age and size. All of the products below have more than the recommended daily alowance (RDA).

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Cadbury’s crème egg: 6 and half teaspoons, 26g

Mini Eggs 90g bag, 15.5 teaspoons,  62.1g

Smarties 122g 18.8 teaspoons, 75.2g

Crème egg shell and egg 20.75 teaspoons, 83g

Daim Egg shell and 24 pieces: 68g bar 17 teaspoons, 450g shell 252g 63 teaspoons.

In total 80 teaspoons 320g sugar – 3,055 cals


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Please let us know if this had made you think twice about the amount you will personally consume and buy your family.

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