Client Of The Year - 2019

Lee is our client of the year 2019. 

There have been countless mind and body transformations from hundreds of our clients this year.

However, Lee's determination and endevour has earnt him the title of Mind and Body Detox Client Of The Year.

Lee has lost over 50 pounds of body fat, has reverse his type 2 diabetes, has taken ownership of his lifestyle

inspired family, friends, Mind and Body Detox followers and our fellow Mind Body Miracle Community members. 

The BBC news 'heard' of Lee's inspiring story and featured him on their news. See below.


In my opinion I think a lot of people overestimate what they can achieve in 2-3 months, but significantly underestimate what they can accomplish in one year and this of course doesn’t just apply to fitness. 


I would just like to add that before Lee began working with us he had never been in a gym environment.


This is what Lee said back in March of this year and her results have sky rocketed ever greater since.


What can i say , i got in contact with James & Jaclyn in September 2018 after being told in February 2018 that i was Prediabetic.


I see James twice a week and Jaclyn has set me a food plan. After just six weeks i lost another stone , 2 inches off my waste, 1 1/2 off my chest and lost body fat.
I have also gained 1 1/2 on my thighs and 1/2 inch on my arms.
In total from February i have lost over 4 stone and gone from 20 stone to back into the15,s.
James has so much knowledge on what gym items to use and adapt to my needs and benefits, and how far to push you and a little more.

I would recommend James & Jaclyn to any one who is committed to putting the effort in to get the results. The effort and time they both put in is amazing, they are always there for you.

I can happily and proudly say i have reversed my prediabetic condition and will not be going back to that state of health.
I feel great in all ways sleeping, breathing ,walking ,mentally and physically and i shop better with a healthy basket of food.
Thank you so much
Lee ''.


Lee is an absolute pleasure to Coach. He implements everything I suggest. 

I am immensely proud how he has taken ownership of his own health and wellbeing. Here's to an even healthier, stronger, leaner 2020.