Ibiza Retreat Sold Out

We can’t wait to host our sold out Family Retreat inJuly 2017, in an exceptional and luxurious private villa in Ibiza. The villa boasts a large infinity pool, beautiful terraces, coloured LED mood lighting and incredible sea sunset views which is in keeping with our exclusive offering. Both children and adults will experience meditation, yoga, gratitude lists, group training sessions, 1-2-1 Personal training, nutrition workshops and fantastic organic produce on a daily basis. Watch our posts next weeks for further updates. We will be sharing several tips from our forthcoming book: How to build healthy new habits and daily disciplines into your daily routine Optimise your mind and body by making small changes that get big results Use simple and powerful tools that will provoke life changing results Realise that you already have all you need to become the best version of you. Drop us an email to enquire about next years retreats. [email protected]