If You Hate Cardio here's one fat loss answer


Hate Cardio?  Here’s one fat loss answer.

Do you plod on the treadmill as you feel this is the best way to burn calories and aren’t witnessing any real body composition changes?

Here are a few reasons why Battleropes are an excellent mode of training.

Have a look at the video attached for a few varieties.

  • If you are short of time the Battleropes can be used as an intense overall body workout that is quick, effective and will have your heart rate pulsing.
  • It combines both aerobic and anaerobic systems. Enabling you to gain both cardiovascular and gain strength benefits too.


  • A super efficient workout that encourages maximum heart rate, builds and shapes the muscles in upper, lower body and core, if done correctly.


  • If you are adapting this in the form of a high intensity session or HIIT training, it will enable you to burn a ton of calories during the session but also 36 hours post training too, due to the ‘afterburn’ / EPOC, exercise post oxygen consumption.


  • As in this video, I utilised the beautiful outdoor weather and embraced the vitamin D. Battleropes are easily portable to use either in a gym environment or outside.


  • The varieties are endless. Be creative. There are dozens and dozens of options to keep you focused and challenged.


  • This method of training can be used by beginners too. Especially with some of the less challenging options and more basic moves. There is little impact on the joints as you are controlling the flow and range of motion being operated.

So that it is. If you want to know more of how to incorporate these into your current workout or want to know how to begin using them drop me an email to begin working with me on a 1-2-1 basis.

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