Why you Aren't Getting Results

Is Your Training & Diet Aligned To Your DNA


We are all made up of trillions of cells and all have our own unique DNA.  

DNA F.I.T is a test that we offer to our clients as it helps eliminates the guesswork. Without this test, much time can be wasted in second guessing what is best for each individual with regards to both their training and diet.

Often, people train immensely hard, think they are eating ‘clean’, but still aren’t getting the results they desire.

Is this you?

DNA Fit tests a wide variety of factors including your power/endurance response, injury risk, carbohydrate sensitivity. You only have one DNA and therefore only one test is ever needed.


The image shows the results of co-founder James when he carried out this test on himself. This gives an insight of the testing markers.

Results are indicated by 50 % genetics and 50% your environment.

Once we have these results, an appointment is arranged to discuss the results in-depth and how we help implement these into your daily regime 

Your DNA is the building blocks that creates you. It is your genetic blueprint to navigate you to the right decisions for your goals. 

The test is suitable for beginners to advanced athletes or people who want to live healthier lives. Whether you're looking to increase muscle, decrease body fat or want to optimise your nutrition.

Your genetics hold valuable information about the best way to do this. Each individual responds to exercise, recovery and food in different ways and having an understanding of this will give you a tremendous indication of long term, sustainable results. 

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