People Can't believe I haven't Had Surgery


Firstly, I would like to thank Toni for having the courage to bear all in the pursuit to inspire and motivate others. 

Toni went from 19st 3lbs to losing 50 lbs in just over 16 weeks. 
From the pub most nights and eating poorly, not able to walk upstairs without being out of breathe and unable to play football with his son to feeling the healthiest and strongest he has been for 15 years.
Friends have seen such a remarkable difference in Toni that they can’t believe he hasn’t had surgery.


15% reduction in Body Fat

7.2% increase in muscle mass

29 Total inches lost in 5 places

Has he diet been ‘perfect?' Certainly not. However, our methods are to use a rainbow bridge affect and implement healthy habits and disciplines one at a time. Otherwise it can become simply overwhelming and you end up not achieving your desired results.

This is only the beginning for Toni and there are still many areas that we are looking to improve on.  He has vowed that he will never go back to the that place ever again. This video will act as an accountability tool for him.

If you know like Toni that something needs to change and not sure what to do, message me or click the link below and we can discuss how you can to make a massive shift and transformation in your life.