The Ultimate Guide To Semi Private Training

When going into a gym environment do you feel:

Body conscious of your bingo wings/belly fat


Not sure what to do

Overwhelmed and anxious

Embarrassed and stupid

Scared of failing because you have done before


And want to feel:


Leaner and fitter


sexy and have less body fat

and look amazing for your next holiday or fit into ‘that dress’ or suit

The reasons our semi private training sessions are so successful and see our clients achieve amazing results are:

Allows you to support each other – a group dynamic is extremely powerful

More accountability

Make new friends

Our methods allow for individual programming as with our 1-2-1 training

More affordable than 1-2-1 training and therefore able to train more often and get greater results, quicker

It enables us to impact and share our knowledge with more clients.

Listen to Sarah’s testimonial in the second minute and why she has seen incredible results.

 This video gives just a small insight into a group training session. The maximum per group is 4 members and we pride ourselves on modifying every exercise according to the members fitness, health and current ability.

If you would like to join one of our current groups or create one with friends, click the link below and we can have a chat.

I look forward to catching up with you soon.