We Couldn't Get Much Higher!

I am privileged to have trained with one of th UK's leading holistic lifestyle and health coaches, Emma Lane. We took a closer look of the tells of the dis-eased body and discussed how chronic illness can take 15-20 years to develop which is why it is crucial not to wait for symptoms but instead recognise the tell tale signs or messages your body is sending you to re-address your diet and lifestyle. An absolutely fascinating day, spent with an inspiring trailblazer in the field of functional medicine. 

Emma played us this short cartoon video, (which would be funny if it wasn't so true) to demonstrates how we have become a nation dependent on medication for the smallest of issues. I recently saw a client who told me she was unable to live a life free from painkillers as she suffered from daily hedaches. When I asked her how much water she was drinking, she told me none!! Her body was communicating that it was dehydrated yet she chose to silence the message through medication. Watch this short (and funny) video and consider what messages you may be silencing daily. If you need help to recognise the tells of a dis-eased body, please get in touch. 

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