Whose Next?

These are just a few of our significant transformations with clients.

Are you ready to see similar drastic changes for yourself?





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Lucy lost 16 inches and 16 pounds. She looks fab in this picture taken back in June. But looks even more on fire now.



Tony is one of our most powerful transformations. Losing over 50lbs ( over 22kgs ) in 16 weeks. Reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.



Paul was an online client from Canada who lost a whopping 29 inches in 8 weeks. 



Sarah lost an impressive 1 stone and 4 pounds and 19 inches 



Jim wanted to lose some body fat around his stomach in time to feel confident for his beach holiday. This was achieved in only 4 weeks.



J was a post natal client and looks incredible with just 12 training sessions.



I am sure you will agree these transformations are very impressive right?

If you are serious about making similiar changes drop James an email: [email protected] and he can arrange a time to have a quick chat.